Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello, I am blogger numero dos and here are some facts about me :)

Name: Blogger 2
From: California
Occupation: Student
Favorite musicians & bands: Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, A Fine Frenzy, Alicia Keys, Parachute, Lifehouse, AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia, Cathy Nguyen, Lydia Paek, Gabe Bondoc, and many more
Favorite TV show: Glee
Free time Activities: Surfing the internet, drawing, listening to music
What I Like: Glee, music, art, koalas, my friends and family, hanging out with my friends, drawing, the internet, watching TV, playing the piano (depending on my mood), taking pictures, and many more
Pet Peeves: Twilight series, anything related to Twilight (ex.:vampires and werewolves), when fans scream really loudly at concerts in the middle of the performer's song (I understand it's a concert, but it annoys me when they won't shut up), dirty whiteboards, when people spit on the floor, when people spit gum on the floor, gum stuck to my shoe (this rarely happens, but I hate when gum is on my shoe), wannabes, the sound of knuckles cracking, people who scream for no reason, extremely spoiled brats, showoffs, smart alecs list is too long...
Goals: Finish high school, get into college/university, find a stable job that I would enjoy, visit as many European countries as I can :D

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