Thursday, February 4, 2010

all about bloggerrr 4 :D

From: California BABY :D
Occupation: Crazily Happy student :]
Favorite Musicians and bands? Too many to count but my currents are Gabe Bondoc! A Fine Frenzy, Andrew Garcia, Blake Lewis, Colbie, Sara Bareilles, Maroon 5 and others
Favorite TV Show ? UMMM right now im catching up on What i like about you. ANd AMERICAN FREAKING IDOL! and HouSe(OMG)! Jeopardy.. if i know the answers that day haha or at least 2ish ahah :D 5 is my record, I really want to start watching Glee because it sounds so good ahha
Freetime activity: Drawing, Talking to people on the phone, reading, watching favorite TV shows, surfing internet, hanging with friends, Spending time with family i like
What i LIKE? UMMM welll... i enjoy reading (fo sho), telling jokes (heehee :D), Singing to myself in the shower using the shower head as a microphone, Watching shows by myself really late at night or really early in the morning, shopping for clothes but not really buying any with people i'm comfortable with, talking, music amazes me. and ya much more that i cannot think of at the momento
What i hATE? Twilight ( Slap Blogger 2 high five for that one :D well i used to kind of like it.. but then everyone started loving it and then i kind started disliking it and then now i strongly dislike it becuase of the movies.. ) People who talk really loudly and express themselves too much, people when they crack their shoulders necks noses backs...(shivers), people who lie, people who pretend to be someone else much more. tell you when i think of it.
Goals: Help my close family live a long and happy life, going to university/college and getting a job which im really into, keeping friends close, not contracting depression

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