Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blogger 2

Since I didn't post anything on Friday, I thought it would be nice to talk about my day and vent :D.

On Friday: Normal school stuff...ate pizza for lunch...went to the orthodontists...went home...ate dinner...did spanish homework...went to sleep...nothing much

On Saturday: Did math homework...practiced piano...ate an IN-N-Out burger (delicious!!!)...went to piano class...went to art class...went home...took a shower...went to Macaroni Grill to celebrate my friend's b-day (Happy B-Day!!!)... went home...and now I'm blogging (obviously).

PET PEEVE RANT: showoffs

During lunch time, while my three other blogger friends and I are eating lunch, a mob of guys who think they're strong and awesome always show up and try to do push-ups (They even use dice to figure out how many push-ups they have to do). First of all, WTF?! Who does push-ups during lunch? Second, no one cares about how many push-ups you can do! Third, your push-up form is not correct. Fourth, you're blocking the freakin way. I know there are girls around the lunch area, but this is just ridiculous. It's disturbing and annoying. This is not really a big example of showoffs...but there's more to come.

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